Cartoons for Monday

I have three cartoons for you. Explain the point each cartoonist is making. I will put a sentence or two under each to help.

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - Undecided Debate COLOR - English - undecided, voter, vote, third party, hillary clinton, donald trump, gary johnson, jill stein, paper, shredder, president, presidential, election, 2016, ballot, politics, debate

DEBATE: The word “conscience” is key. He is throwing a way, or shredding, something no matter who he chooses. Explain


John Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - Thanks Obama COLOR - English - Mitch McConnell, GOP, Democrats, 9/11 lawsuits, Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama, veto, override, regret, unintended consequences, backfire, stupid, thanks obama

BACKFIRE: Congress was able to override the President’s veto of a bill the would allow victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia (Reports is may have provided some support to hijackers). This could open the US up to lawsuits from victims of drone strikes and other actions.

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - COLOR Trump and women - English - Trump

WOMEN VOTE: Make reference to the story from last week’s debate regarding Trump’s treatment of a former Miss Universe.


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