Collinwood Dual: Midterm

We made the decision a couple of weeks ago to do a take-home midterm because your  break coincides with midterm. Since then I had to cancel class and tonight will simply be instructions on the midterm. I have a problem with my reoccurring issue with my voice similar to what Adele dealt with (the problem of being British and fabulous).

The Midterm will be three parts (and a lot of work). Considering you have two weeks to complete it, not so bad. I’m putting each section of the midterm in separate posts that will be at the top of the page for the next TWO weeks. Your midterms will be due SUNDAY Oct. 16 @ 11:59p.m. Send them to my email. or

Part 1: Thomas Paine and “Common Sense”

Part 2: From the Articles to the Constitution

Part 3: Alexander Hamilton and “Hamilton: the musical”


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