Collinwood midterm part 1: Tom Paine

One of the problems with reading documents from the Revolutionary Period is the effort writers took to sound “informed” and “reasoned” and “educated” and “literate.” The modern world doesn’t have time for such luxuries. Information has to be concise, questionable accurate, simplistic and inflammatory. This is why we have Twitter. And Snapchat. Just a picture of yourself and four or five vapid, useless words. Let’s give the revolutionary debate a dose of modernity.

I have given you two documents: Common Sense and criticism of the pamphlet. I want you turn the information in the documents into something more 2016. Choose two sections from each excerpt (probably about a paragraph) and accurately summarize into a good, modern hot take.  #Paine. #Liberty!  #Loyality.

common sense excerpt

Crack-brained zealot

This is a chapter from a Gordon Woods’ book “Revolutionary Characters.” Not to overstate his importance but most of how this period is viewed and taught comes from his work. Thomas Paine is the because his legacy is unique to that of any other figure. There are no monuments of him, no images on our money, no days out of school. Maybe that what he wrote is still relevant after almost 250 years is monument enough.

Here is the excerpt thomas paine rev. characters

Using the following questions as a guide (meaning some, all, or none of them have to be addressed in your response) create a 400-500 word response that touches on Paine’s believes, place among the notables of the time, and what made him different from other Founding Fathers.

  1. How would you describe the place of Thomas Paine in relation to the other revolutionary leaders?
  2. Describe his origins. How do you think it shaped him and his writing?
  3. Paine is the definition of a liberal for his day. VERY different from today. What does this mean?
  4. What do we learn about Paine’s view from the ‘The Rights of Man’?

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