Collinwood: Quiz 1 Study Guide

I would start by saying you need to look back over the notes taken in class and the points mentioned from the textbook. I will put some terms and questions below the cartoons. Make sure that you understand — and could write on — these items.

Here are some topics that could be on the writing section.

  • The media’s role in the decision to declare war on Spain
  • The problems that came with the rapid industrialization and expansion of American cities
  • Carnegie, Rockefeller and the empires they built
  • Immigration during the late 1800s
  • Triangle Shirtwaist

There will also be a short number of IDs. These are people, events, etc. that you need to describe.

  1. City machines, political bosses, William “boss” Tweed
  2. Social Darwinism
  3. Gospel of Wealth and Andrew Carnegie
  4. Jacob Riis “How the Other Half Lives”
  5. Major labor strikes/clashes: Haymarket Square, Homestead Strike, Pullman Strike (see Zinn excerpt)

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