Gadsden State sample assignment #2

Found on Lazzaretto Nuovo mass grave: A skull of the woman with her jaw forced open by a brick — a...

Option 1: Out of the Black Death came the mythology of vampires. Provide a synopsis of information from the sources listed below. Also speculate on the nature of fantasy as an explanation for real events. 

Reading 1

Reading 2

Lore Podcast: Episode 30

Requirements: All sources should be cited. Students should devote at least a third of the writing to the second-half of the assignment. This will require a bit of reflection and contemplation — maybe some extra research. I want your thoughts on this questions. Feel free to use hypothetical events and contemporary views. Length of assignment will be between 700-1000 words. Please submit assignment to Turnitin dropbox.

Option 2: This is an assignment that I have done in a U.S. history course. It’s fall more into the category of project-based learning. It’s not for every class. You have to get a feel for the class in order to know if it’s something the students would enjoy.

Create a graphic short-story: You are a young merchant in Genoa, Italy. An illness like nothing before has infected your city. One eventing, during a routine inventory of a ship, you find a small crate from an unfamiliar place. The postmark reads: Abraham Lincoln, United States, 1863.

This would be the major assignment for a semester course. Students would blend historical detail, creative writing, and artwork into an original product. Students would be able to use a writing partner. The end product would be a storyboard, similar to what would be used to pitch an a



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