Month: October 2017

Collinwood: ‘American Lion’ Excerpts

I have attached two excerpts from Jon Meecham’s Andrew Jackson biography, “American Lion.” The first about Jackson’s childhood. This is relevant considering we are going to talk about Jackson as a transformative figure in American politics. It’s a childhood far removed from comfort and privilege. The second is about Jackson and Indian policy.

We will be looking at these in small groups next week. I will be giving you discussion questions relating to the material.

American Lion

my white and red children


WH: Catalonia independence (nationalism in 2017)

Hundreds of thousands have attended rallies to demand their region break from Spain in recent weeks.

In approximately 3/4 page, I want you to give me a summary of the nationalist/independence movement taking place in Spain.

What is happening now?


Reaction from Spanish government

History/Backstory about the region

Sky News: Catalonian independence

CNN: Catalonian indpendence

Collinwood Midterm Question 2 & 3

In approximately 300–400 words respond to the following statement:¬†The Articles of Confederation was a purposefully weak government that proved incapable of running a new country. What role Shay’s Rebellion play in convincing many of the need for a stronger government.

In approximately 300-400 words respond to the following statement: The Constitutional Convention was more about creating stability than expanding rights and putting the Declaration of Independence into practice.