Month: April 2018

HI2020: Final exam

Written Response:

  1. Watergate is a complex topic. Describe the events of the scandal, beginning with the arrest of the burglars at the Watergate Hotel, and explain how it led to President Nixon’s resignation.
  2. The rise of the conservative movement is one of the most important events of the last part of the 20th century. Describe the events and issues that gave rise to the movement.

WG: Arab Spring

Has the Arab Spring Failed?

Pg. 6

  1. What was Arab Spring?
  2. Describe the events that took place in Egypt beginning in July 2011.
  3. What was the U.S. response?
  4. What problems did Egypt’s first democratically elected president face?

Map on pg. 7

  1. Where did Arab Spring begin?
  2. Which county has been in the midst of a civil war and is accused of using chemical weapons on its citizens?

Toppling Dictators: pg. 8-9

  1. What is the largest country in the Arab world?
  2. Why did the Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire?
  3. Which country removed its unelected president following an uprising? Located in North Africa.
  4. Who was the Libyan dictator that was toppled with US help?
  5. Why, after the dictators were removed, did these Arab countries struggle to set up democratic governments?

Collinwood Dual: Vietnam

Image result for vietnam war protests

NY Times: Iconic photos from Vietnam Era

As we start to close out the course, I have one last weekly assignment for you. There are three parts to the assignemt

  1. Read a chapter of “Lies My Teacher Told Me” about the teaching of Vietnam.
  2. Look at the photos from the NY Times.
  3. Analyze the document you were given during class.
  4. Write a 500-700 word response that summarizes the points made in Lowen’s book and how the documents and photos enrich your understanding of the period.

WG: The Ivory War

upfront – ivory war

  1. What were the consequences of the decision to auction off a stockpile of ivory?
  2. How is ivory demand fueling conflict in Africa?
  3. Why is ivory so attractive to the Chinese?
  4. What did you learn from the maps and charts on p.19?
  5. Tell me what some people Africa are doing to elephants and why.
  6. What do conservationists say has to happen in order to save Africa’s elephants?

WG: South Africa’s past and present


Describe South Africa during and after Apartheid. It should be detailed and use information from multiple sources that we looked at in class. (50pts.)

  • Topic sentence: something to the effect that South Africa has undergone a major change since Apartheid ended, but still faces a lot of issues
  • Help: Can talk about what it was like during Apartheid and what changed afterward? Didn’t change? Current issues.
  • Can include a variety of information from the class
  • Write about the past and then transition to present issues
  • BONUS: +10pts if it includes topics/information not covered in class.