Author: rickmanhchs

English III intro assignment

I’m so ready to start this thing. Teachers always tell you how excited to have you in class. LIES! They don’t know you. You could be horrible…or great…or like every other class they have taught. None of those are reasons to get excited.

I’m ready because I doing something new. I coming to work to talk books. All kinds of books. Classic books. Horror books. Dystopian books. Teen angst books. Sports book. Sci-fi books. Weird books. Stuff I’ve read that other people never heard of books. If I can’t enjoy this I’m taking a job selling pharmaceuticals.

ASSIGNMENT: WATCH THIS BETWEEN NOW AND MONDAY. On the first page of your composition book, tell me what about the video. NEXT, tell me about something you have read. It doesn’t have to be “Catcher in the Rye” caliber lit. It can be from a bathroom wall or comments on Reddit. I just want you to think about a time when reading was good.