Collinwood Dual: Bombs, Flu, social unrest, labor strife…and the Great War

There were a couple of years around 1918-1919 were it felt like everything was about to come unraveled. Anarchism was a legitimate political ideology. And we rarely mention these events. It’s all talk of creating a League of Nations and politics and debate in the Senate about its impact on U.S. sovereignty.  Forget that. Let’s do some social history.

The 1918 Flu. I first learned about this when I read “The Given Day” by Denise Lehane. The book is a blend of history of real people, real events, and a fictional story. One of these events was the flu outbreak.

ASSIGNMENT: Watch the PBS American Experience on the 1918 flu. Use this as the guide for how to write about it. Same length as previously (around 500 words). I you write long, I usually add extra points for extra work.

  1. What I knew going into the doc.
  2. Briefly summarize
  3. Your thoughts.

WashPo story on flu

PBS Am. Experience on the flu


WG: Detroit’s rise and fall…and it’s comeback

NY Times: Anatomy of Detroit’s decline

Click on the link above to get an overview of Detroit’s rise as the economic center of the U.S. following WWII to its bankruptcy in the late 2000s.

What are three things the article talks about as the causes of Detroit’s decline?

BBC: urban exploration Detroit

Google Street View of Detroit neighborhoods going to ruin

Use these links or go find your own photos about the city’s abandoned buildings. The Silverdome and the train station are easily the most haunting. Take a look.

LASTLY, look for an article about Detroit’s economic recovery over the last few years. Try to include anything about why and how the city has improved.

WG: Population growth/shifts

Look at this VOX animation on population change.

  1. Describe the population changes that are projected to take place between 2000-2100.
  2. What parts of the world have always been the largest population centers?
  3. What happened to the world population between 1900-2000? Tell me what the article says about why this happened?

Take a look at this population density map. Tell me three things about what you see. Also, what do you think explains the absence of people in large parts of the world?

WG: Trump administration wants to open nearly all U.S. waters to drilling

NY Times story on expansion of offshore drilling

  1. What does the Trump administration want to change about where companies can drill for oil?
  2. From the maps and reading, how do the governors of state’s impacted feel about the changes?
  3. What areas are currently open to drilling? What areas are protected?
  4. What cause the Obama administration to cancel plans to expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico?
  5. Where is most of the oil/natural gas that companies can economically recover?
  6. How has fracking (previous reading) affected the need for offshore drilling?