Page 2 : Fear & Loathing in America


Collinwood: quiz 1 writing part


slace trader conscience

NOTE: I have assigned these two documents for a number of years. They help me get something across to my students that is essential to getting value from history. The past isn’t laws, terms, lists, and trivia about the past. History is people. History is emotion. History is attaching meaning to the lives or real men and women. To make that connection, you have to hear their voices.

“In the specific is the universal.” Hearing about the joys and suffering from the past makes it relatable. It helps us understand what live was.

Topics of the middle passage and slavery are not new to you. What I want to know is how these two stories HUMANIZE your understanding of these events.

Time for some Strunk & White

strunk and white

This semester, I’m going to take you through this book. I’m not doing this as punishment or a love of grammar, but as a favor. I was 17-year-old top 10 student who had no clue how to use a comma until I met Ms. Trejo (spelling yesh). I ruined her faith in public education, while at the same time giving her reason to teach.

Read over these five rules. Correctly use each of the five rules.