WG: The Ivory War

upfront – ivory war

  1. What were the consequences of the decision to auction off a stockpile of ivory?
  2. How is ivory demand fueling conflict in Africa?
  3. Why is ivory so attractive to the Chinese?
  4. What did you learn from the maps and charts on p.19?
  5. Tell me what some people Africa are doing to elephants and why.
  6. What do conservationists say has to happen in order to save Africa’s elephants?

WG: South Africa’s past and present


Describe South Africa during and after Apartheid. It should be detailed and use information from multiple sources that we looked at in class. (50pts.)

  • Topic sentence: something to the effect that South Africa has undergone a major change since Apartheid ended, but still faces a lot of issues
  • Help: Can talk about what it was like during Apartheid and what changed afterward? Didn’t change? Current issues.
  • Can include a variety of information from the class
  • Write about the past and then transition to present issues
  • BONUS: +10pts if it includes topics/information not covered in class.

WH: Manhattan Project


atomic bomb UPFRONT

  1. What role did Einstein play in the development of the atomic bomb?
  2. What reasons did Truman give for using the bomb on Japan?
  3. What was the name give to the top-secret project to develop an atomic weapon?
  4. What were the names of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  5. Using the excerpts at the end of the article, make a chart on whether the atomic bomb should have been used. Include three reasons why for each.


Collinwood Dual: Hollywood, blacklists, and McCarthyism (due 4/2)

This is one of my favorite topics in the class. Revelations of Soviet espionage, the Bomb, too many good paying jobs that didn’t require expensive degrees, something really freaked out the country for a few years in the early 1950s. Opportunistic people will always find a way to exploit fear, especially if it can be done under the guise of Patriotism and national security. For a short time period, that man was Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

I have linked to three articles relating to the topic. Below is the prompt I want you to work from.

Citing information from multiple sources, describe the government’s efforts to investigate/uncover communists in Hollywood, their impact on the entertainment industry, and how writers and direstors used their work to criticize what was happening.

Upfront – A Decade of Fear

  1. What did Sen. Joe McCarthy claim in his speech in Wheeling, WV?
  2. What actions did President Truman take in response to the criticism that wasn’t responding to the communist threat?
  3. What were some of the events of 1949 that heightened anxiety in the U.S.?
  4. Who was Alger Hiss?
  5. Describe the House Un-American Activities Committees investigation into Hollywood, including blacklists.
  6. What was the impact of the Army-McCarthy hearings?
  7. What role did journalist Edward R. Murrow play in exposing McCarthy?
  8. McCarthyism was described as being in a long line of the government questioning the loyalty of citizens. What are some of the earlier examples?
  9. What was learned in the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union and the decoding of of Soviet documents? What do the historians quoted at the end of the article say about McCarthy?

Why I wrote the Crucible – Arthur Miller

High Noon’s secret backstory

This can be typed or handwritten. I needs to be approximately 500-700 words (about 1pg. front and back)

Turn in to me Monday night April 2.