Month: April 2013

AP: Exam Review Schedule

Added some daily video watching and a movie day on Friday if you can show me that you know the material by Thursday.

Berlin Wall Germany East West Communism Oppression

review schedule


Am. Gov: Media bias and Gosnell abortion trial

This is a story that has received almost no attention from what is considered the mainstream media in the U.S. (ABC, CBS, NBC, cable news (minus Fox News), and the major daily newspapers.

It’s a murder trial of an abortion doctor accused of killing four children and operating what amounts to the most sickening thing I have read in recent memory. I feel the need to warn you about the details of the story, which you do NOT need to read about to complete the assignment.

ASSIGNMENT: After watching the video with the class take a look at the following these sites and give me the main points.


AP: Study Guide 37 & 38

Study these and the rest will take care of itself

Impeach Earl Warren

Brown case and Little Rock Nine, southern reaction

Cuba and the Cold War


Johnson’s war

Kennedy & Vietnam

The Power of TV: ’60 election, Army-McCarthy Hearings, Civil Rights

McDonald’s: The symbol of 50s sameness

The Great Society

Freedom Summer ’64

The sit-in movement

Sen. Joseph McCarthy and Second Red Scare