Month: October 2012

AP: Questions from “Division”

The creation of an economic power in the northern states?
Erie Canal and its impact on the country.
Elements of Southern economy
Linking North and South economically
The textile Mills of Massachusetts
Slave auctions and fugitive slaves
John Brown
Division and Disunion


HI101 study guide quiz #3

Here are some of the highlights from tonight’s class that will be matching options
Pope urban II
Turkish invasion of Byzantine
Peasant crusades
Crusader states
Later crusades
Germanic tribes
Holy Roman Empire
Hagia Sophia: architecture or Constantinople
Motivations of early crusades
Islamic empire

Previous class
Three major American civilizations: Incan, Aztec, Mayan
Rubber ball sport
Chichen itza
Manchu picchu

Islam chapter
Origins of religion
Holy cities
Aspects of five pillars
Sunni and Shia

AP: Teaching Assignment

One of my favorite weeks of class. Put it up there with talk of OJ and “The Real World” and 1968. You will be doing the instruction for Chapter 11 and parts of 12. I’m asking you and your partner(s) to put together a short presentation/lesson on one of the following topics. How you choose to cover it: (notes, PowerPoint, Prezi, handouts, whiteboard) is up to the group.

Here are the topics. First come, first serve.

1. Tecumseh and Indian relations during 1812

2. Mr. Madison’s War: Justification for the War of 1812 and the division and treason the war created in the U.S.,

3. The major battle of the war: Canada, DC, New Orleans, and the futility of this war, as evidenced in the treaty that ended it.

4. The irrelevance of the war in the eyes of the world and its importance to the U.S.

5. The new spirit of nationalism as seen in Henry Clay and the American System

6. The role of the west in furthering the sectional divide and the compromise that only stalled division.

7. The significance of the Marshall Court in promoting nationalism and federal power. Relevant cases included.

8. The early days of General Jackson: Horseshoe Bend, New Orleans, Florida

9. The Monroe Doctrine and American Isolationism

10. Explain Jackson’s hatred of the Bank and the power struggle it incited.

11. Describe the Whig Party, stressing its origin as a collection of Jackson haters.

AP next reading assignment


First off: you’re welcome. I have decided to replace our last chapter of “founding brothers” with an excerpt from “American Lion,” which looks at the early life of Andrew Jackson. And instead of a writing assignment we will be doing an in class discussion.

Our coverage of Jackson has something for everyone. We are talking troubled childhood of war and death, the absence of a father, a lifelong romance, violence, conflict, rivalries, dirty campaigns, horse racing, a bar girl who marries his ‘bro.’ I love the period and so will you.

I will post the excerpt Tuesday. There is a copy of the book in the library and at the savannah library.

American Lion by Jon Meacham

AP: Study Guide


These are the topics for the Multiple Choice on Monday.

Jefferson’s Embargo

VA and KY Resolutions

French Revolution and American politics

Causes for political parties developing

Whiskey Rebellion/Shay’s Rebellion

Loose/Strict Interpretation of Constitution

Louisiana Purchase

Marbury v. Madison

Elections of 1796 and 1800

Jay’s Treaty

What was ‘revolutionary’ about Jefferson’s election

Great Awakening

Hamilton’s financial plan

Articles of Confederation

3/5 compromise

stamp act


consequences of French/Indian War

Mass. Bay


Proclamation of 1763

Headright system

Writing assignment

For tonight I want you to use the information from today’s class and Pages 220-223 to write a paragraph on the following topic. We will share these tomorrow in class.

Ideas and actions don’t always square with one another. The small government, limited presidential power ideas of Jefferson the candidate were put to the test when he became president.