Month: May 2013



Americans live to race animals/things that are not traditionally swift (wiener dogs, lawn mowers, potato sacks)


AP Note

Whether you pass the exam or not, I want you to know that I’m proud. The effort you put in will be far more beneficial than the credit. How many people would believe that high school students would spend hours outside of school studying court cases, conflict, and compromises of 1787, 1850, 1877 etc. for nothing more than cheap food and grilled corn?

Am. Gov. Media Bias

Go to the website linked at the end of this section. Describe each of the media biases covered on the site. Sentence or two should work. Include in the notes. Types of Media Bias

One of the most recent examples that has had conservatives (Republicans and Fox News) going nuts has been the Benghazi story. What is Benghazi? You find out.

Assignment: Tell me about the Benghazi story and why Fox News has stayed on this story when the rest of the media hasn’t covered it. What are they accusing the White House of doing?