WG: How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

Part 1: The Bare Arctic – How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

  1. Looking at the article and charts, how have temperatures in the Arctic changed in the last 30 years?
  2. How does less ice make more heat? (This is the section above the total area chart)
  3. What does the article mean ways the sea ice loss is Putin’s gain?

Part 2: The Political Arctic: How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

  1. How many people actually live in the Arctic? What is the largest nationality?
  2. What does Russia stand to gain in the Arctic?
  3. What are EEZ’s?
  4. Look at the animation on “Claimable Land.” Which countries have made claims on the North Pole. Why would these countries want to expand their territorial claims in the region?
  5. Looking at the map of the Arctic military bases, how do the countries compare



WG: Mexico’s Drug War


LA Times story (July 2017)

Newsweek story on violence and drug cartels (May 2017)

Starting from the sentence that I give you, describe what the acticles say about Mexico’s ongoing drug war.

“For more than two decades, Mexico has dealt with warring drug cartels that have made it one of the most violent countries in the world.”