WG: Extra Credit

For 3 points on final grade: 1pg. summary of China’s plan to dominate trade.


WG: The China Challenge

The China Challenge:

  1. Describe the school life of the young man who is trying to get into an American college.
  2. China’s economy has been opened to the world, but what about politics and the media?
  3. Pg. 15: What are some examples of censorship in China?
  4. What is the penalty for challenging China’s censorship?
  5. Describe the issues China’s cities have with pollution and labor.
  6. How have companies benefited from China’s cheap labor?
  1. Pg. 13: What was China like shortly after Mao’s death? What changed?
  2. What are some examples of China’s growth and development?
  3. What parts of the country have remained poor?
  4. What reasons does the student in the article give for wanting to study in America

    UPFRONT China challenge


WG: Arab Spring

Has the Arab Spring Failed?

Pg. 6

  1. What was Arab Spring?
  2. Describe the events that took place in Egypt beginning in July 2011.
  3. What was the U.S. response?
  4. What problems did Egypt’s first democratically elected president face?

Map on pg. 7

  1. Where did Arab Spring begin?
  2. Which county has been in the midst of a civil war and is accused of using chemical weapons on its citizens?

Toppling Dictators: pg. 8-9

  1. What is the largest country in the Arab world?
  2. Why did the Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire?
  3. Which country removed its unelected president following an uprising? Located in North Africa.
  4. Who was the Libyan dictator that was toppled with US help?
  5. Why, after the dictators were removed, did these Arab countries struggle to set up democratic governments?

Collinwood Dual: Vietnam

Image result for vietnam war protests

NY Times: Iconic photos from Vietnam Era

As we start to close out the course, I have one last weekly assignment for you. There are three parts to the assignemt

  1. Read a chapter of “Lies My Teacher Told Me” about the teaching of Vietnam.
  2. Look at the photos from the NY Times.
  3. Analyze the document you were given during class.
  4. Write a 500-700 word response that summarizes the points made in Lowen’s book and how the documents and photos enrich your understanding of the period.