WH: Catalonia independence (nationalism in 2017)

Hundreds of thousands have attended rallies to demand their region break from Spain in recent weeks.

In approximately 3/4 page, I want you to give me a summary of the nationalist/independence movement taking place in Spain.

What is happening now?


Reaction from Spanish government

History/Backstory about the region

Sky News: Catalonian independence

CNN: Catalonian indpendence


Collinwood Midterm Question 2 & 3

In approximately 300–400 words respond to the following statement:¬†The Articles of Confederation was a purposefully weak government that proved incapable of running a new country. What role Shay’s Rebellion play in convincing many of the need for a stronger government.

In approximately 300-400 words respond to the following statement: The Constitutional Convention was more about creating stability than expanding rights and putting the Declaration of Independence into practice.

Collinwood: Salem Reading Assignment

Approximately 1pg. (400-500 words typed)

Roughly the first 2/3 of the assignment should be sumarizing what you had to read about Salem. Focus on the causes of the hysteria, the accused and accusers, etc. The last 1/3 of the assignment needs to be a reflection on these questions.

  1. What are the lessons that we take away from the Salem trials?
  2. Does this fear and desire to punish exist in any form today? Is this still a part of our makeup?