Collinwood: Civil War

Explain how technology made the Civil War the first modern war. Be sure to include discussion of its role in fighting, transportation, communication, medical care, the public’s knowledge of the war, and burying the dead.


Collinwood: ‘American Lion’ Excerpts

I have attached two excerpts from Jon Meecham’s Andrew Jackson biography, “American Lion.” The first about Jackson’s childhood. This is relevant considering we are going to talk about Jackson as a transformative figure in American politics. It’s a childhood far removed from comfort and privilege. The second is about Jackson and Indian policy.

We will be looking at these in small groups next week. I will be giving you discussion questions relating to the material.

American Lion

my white and red children

Collinwood Midterm Question 2 & 3

In approximately 300–400 words respond to the following statement:¬†The Articles of Confederation was a purposefully weak government that proved incapable of running a new country. What role Shay’s Rebellion play in convincing many of the need for a stronger government.

In approximately 300-400 words respond to the following statement: The Constitutional Convention was more about creating stability than expanding rights and putting the Declaration of Independence into practice.